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Presenting Ourselves pt2. Our youth:
RAIN (Yağmur), 16, Yalova (Turkey)

"I’m Rain. I love 30 Seconds To Mars, music, guitars, basically I love everything about music. Music makes me alive, gives me strength to live. Music is everything to me.
I also love playing tennis, dreaming, reading books, watching movies.

I have a lot of dreams. Both big+small.
My biggest dreams are
   I want to meet 30 Seconds To Mars so much, be a Youtuber and I want to be Aerospace Engineer.

I love 30 Seconds To Mars so much, they saved my life. They have always been there for me and I’m always there for them. I won’t stop loving 30 Seconds To Mars even if you find the tear i dropped in the ocean.

I’m so thankful to Mars for giving me my family. VIPELON is the people in my life who want me in theirs. The ones who accept me for who I am. The ones who would do anything to see me smile and who love me no matter what.”

Rain’s tumblr
Rain’s twitter : @RainHudson


Jared during City of Angels @ Church of Mars


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